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About us

Biological Health Group Corporation, located in Bremerton, Washington, is the exclusive U.S. distributor of FDA-listed Symbiopathic products. Our mission is to enhance well-being through exceptional products and superior service.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing health and well-being naturally by providing high-quality products and outstanding service.

Our Commitment

We pledge to deliver exceptional health solutions and unparalleled service by offering the most effective and healthful products available.

Symbiopathic Remedies

Symbiopathic remedies represent a comprehensive system of natural, homeopathic, and isopathic microbial treatments, trusted by healthcare professionals globally. These remedies support the metabolic and probiotic foundation essential for holistic healthcare. For enquiries, please contact Biological Health Group Corporation during regular business hours via telephone or email.

Historical and Scientific Foundations

Developed in the 1920s by the eminent Professor Günther Enderlein in Germany, Symbiopathic remedies are based on proprietary production methods that respect the body's internal and external environments. These remedies utilise cultures of various fungi and bacteria, focusing on the beneficial metabolites produced by these organisms.

Innovative Production Techniques

Research has demonstrated that the beneficial effects of these remedies arise from the metabolites produced by the microbes, while proinflammatory side effects are attributed to cell wall fragments. Advanced production methods have evolved to exclude these cell wall fragments, incorporating only the beneficial metabolic products. This progression has led to a new generation of remedies that effectively reduce systemic inflammation and immune hyperreactivity with minimal adverse reactions.

Foundational Principles

Symbiopathic remedies are grounded in the principles of homeopathy and isopathy. These microbial remedies interact on a fundamental physiological level, essential for optimal health.

Incorporating Symbiopathic remedies into your practice allows for a holistic and integrative approach to healthcare, addressing the root causes of disease and promoting long-term wellness. These remedies are supported by rigorous scientific research and decades of clinical use, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Biological Health Group Corporation is committed to the highest standards of research, production, and practitioner support. We ensure that every remedy delivered meets stringent quality control measures, offering reliable, effective health solutions. Our dedication to advancing medical knowledge and patient care makes us a trusted partner for healthcare professionals worldwide.