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Fungal Phase Remedies (Chondrite): 

Chondrite remedies derived from Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus niger break down the higher pathogenic forms of microbes as they move upward in their life cycles as described by Enderlein. Stimulated by a change in the body's biological terrain caused by various factors, this upward development is responsible for many acute and chronic illnesses, including circulatory disorders, gastorintestinal dysbacteria, bacterial an viral infections, mycotic infections, liver-gall disturbances, tubercular and paratubercular inflammations and calcium metabolic disturbances. 

  • Mucor Mucor racemosus Aspergillus Aspergillus niger 
  • Notatum Penicillium notatum (syn. Penicillium chrysogenum) Roqueforti Penicillium roqueforti 
  • Quentans Penicillium frequentans (syn. Penicillium glabrum) Candida Candida parapsilosis 

Bacterial Phase Remedies: 

Bacterial remedies provoke both specific (antibodies) and non-specific (leucocytes) immune reactions in the body to fight harmful microbes, toxins and viruses. These remedies also increase micro- and macrophage activity, stimulate antigen-specific lymphocytes and activate humoral, non-specific resistance factors. 

Mycobactin S     Mycobacterium phlei
Subtilis Bacillus subtilis
Firmus Bacillus firmus 
Cereus Bacillus cereus 
  • March 17, 2017
  • Jessie Jin