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FAQ about Tension Balm

FAQ about Tension Balm

What is Tension Balm?

DermaMed Tension Balm is a natural product in the form of cream that is designed specially for migraine pain relief. 
It is applied to the site of pain and the nasal mucus membrane. It has the ability to penetrate the skin, mucus membrane and the fine capillary wall to exert prophylactic and abortive effect in migraine headache. 

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How does Tension Balm work?

DermaMed Tension Balm ingredients work synergistically to correct all the disease alterations that cause the migraine pain, the accompanying symptoms and the complications that sometime occurs secondary to such alterations. In order to understand how works the patient must understand what causes the migraine. The following is a simplified explanation:

Causes of Migraine:

Migraine is a hereditary disease. The migraine patient usually has hereditary abnormality of one of important metabolic systems of the brain that is called the mitochondrial brain oxidative system. This system is very important for the stability of the brain nerve cells. Any abnormalities of such system leads to vulnerable nerve cells that can easily be stimulated by any of the trigger factors which causes excessive stimulation of the nerve cells and spontaneous pain in the head and neck (Migraine). The trigger factors include stress, hormone fluctuation, weather changes, dental problem and food hypersensitivity. As a result of such stimulation there is a blood level increase of certain substances that lead to:

First phase narrowing of the fine capillaries that supply different parts of the brain. This narrowing leads to decrease of the oxygen supply of the corresponding part of the brain that causes the early symptoms that usually occur before the start of migraine attack (blind spots, sound may appear unnaturally loud and smells may be more intense, mood changes and increased appetite.
The second phase widening of the main blood vessels that supply the head and this widening leads increased blood flow to the head and secondary migraine pain.

Platelets (certain type of cells present in the blood beside the red and white cells and are responsible for the blood clotting) will have increased ability to aggregate together and release a substance that is called Serotonin which together with two other substances, Bradykinin and Histamine causes sterile inflammation( inflammation without accompanying infection) around the nerves and blood vessels of the brain which aggrevate the pain. In addition such platelet aggregation together with the narrowing of the fine blood capillaries that supply different vital areas of the braine could cause sometimes occlusion of such important capillaries and secondary neurological diseases like stroke.

In addition the immune system (cells concerned with the natural body defense) has an important role to play in controlling the migraine pain. In the case of healthy immune system some of these cells, containing pain- relieving substance called beta endorphin (Opioid-containing immune cells), migrate to the site of pain and release their beta endorphin and control the pain. Migraine patients, having alteration of their immune system, lack this type of natural body defense and so they experience sever uncontrolled migraine pain.

Returning back to the question of the how DermaMed Tension Balm works and going step by step through the causes of migraine, the patient will understand why this remedy is effective in relieving the migraine pain. As proved by clinical trials together with experimental laboratory studies this remedy correct the various factors included in the causes of migraine:


1. Improves the metabolic brain system (the mitochondrial oxidative brain system).
2. Inhibits the contractile response of the vascular smooth muscles and relieve the narrowing of the fine blood vessels that supply various areas of the brain. 
3. Inhibits platelet aggregation and release of serotonin and histamine.
4. Stops the inflammatory response around the brain blood vessels and nerves.
5. Regulates the altered immune system.
6. Activates the brain opiate system for self pain control.
7. Great recovery of cellular function following the insult caused by decreased brain oxygen supply.
8. It has analgesic, tranquilizer and sedative effects.


What are the active ingredients in Tension Balm?

The active ingredients are:

1. Feverfew(Herb): Clinical trials proved the migraine pain relieving effect of Feverfew. It inhibits the contractile response of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and so it stops the narrowing of the blood capillaries that supply the brain. It also inhibits platelets aggregation and the release of Serotonin and Histamin.
2. Melissa Officinalis (Herb): Its extract is very rich in certain substances (Ascorbic acid and Ascorbate oxidase activity) that regulate the secretion of the pain- controlling immunoreactive beta- endorphin. It exerts anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It enhances the function of the immune system.
3. Chamomile (Herb): Its extract has anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effect.
4. Leguminosae (Herb): Its extract inhibits platelets aggregation.
5. Linden (Herb): Its extract has antihistaminic and sedative effect.
6. Salmon Calcitonin: It increases the level of Beta-endorphin and this explains its ability to relieve the pain.
7. Taurine: It is a very important amino acid and it helps cellular growth even in the absence of oxygen. This function leads to significantly greater recovery of brain cellular function following the decreased oxygen supply as a result of narrowing of the fine blood vessels that supply the various parts of the brain.
8. Riboflavin: It regulates the brain metabolic system (Mitochondrial brain oxidative system). It also regulates the altered immune status in migraine.
9. Magnesium: The available evidence suggests that up to 50% of migraine patients during the attack have lowered levels of ionized magnesium. Magnesium concentration has effect on the nerve cells that transmit the migraine pain. 


Is there any side effect?

Tension Balm is completely safe except if any person is allergic to certain types of plants. We advise in the insert (found in the box), to do skin sensitivity test by applying a small portion to the skin of the forearm and watch the area of application for any redness or itchiness immediately and up to 24 hours to be sure that the patient has no hypersensitivy to any of the ingredients.

Can it be used with regular headaches as well? 

Absolutely, Tension Balm can give relief for any type of headache as it contains active ingredients that strengthen the natural body defense for pain control (Beta-endorphin). It also contains some of the ingredients that are sedative as well as tranquilizers.

Does it have to be used everyday or just when I have a headache?

If you use it at the time of headache it helps you to relieve the headache but if you are a person who has a liability to have frequent headache attacks, it is advisable to use it on regular basis once or twice every day according to your response to avoid the headache attacks.

What other conditions does Tension Balm treat?

Sinus headaches, colds and allergies?

Although Tension Balm has been designed to relieve the migraine pain it has been found effective in treating other types of headache. It contains active ingredients that strengthen the natural body defense for pain control (Beta-endorphin). It also contains some of the ingredients that are sedative as well as tranquilizers. Although it can control the pain we can not claim that it treat sinusitis, cold or allergies, however DermaMed company is aware or these common health problems and in her way to design a remedy to help patients complaining of such type of sickness.

Is Tension Balm safe for use by children?

Is safe for use by children. After doing the skin sensitivity test to exclude cases of plant allergy, local application to the painful area results in fast relief as it is absorbed completely by their delicate skin. Nasal application is unnecessary, as children dislike the cooling sensation in the nose.

How often should it be applied?

It depends on the severity of the attack, 1-2 times daily (morning and bed time). It should be applied early in the attack as most patients feel the approach of the attack, the early the application of Tension Balm during the attack the more fast is the pain relief. 

How long will it be before I feel relief?

Before answering this question I would like to mention an important comment about the word pain. The pain is a relative sensation. Some patients have high tolerance for pain, others have low tolerance. Meaning the same degree of pain could be expressed by some patients as sever and by others as mild. It is also important to know that most of the migraine patients have been using pharmacological drugs that cause narrowing of the blood vessels, which supplies the brain. The continuous use of such medications for long time leads to resistant type of migraine. In order to get the maximum benefits from using Tension Balm, all the pharmacological medications should be withdrawn then apply the balm on regular basis for at least two weeks This regime will reduce the frequency and the severity of the attack gradually and by time it disappears completely. It is very important to apply the gel early in the attack as most patients can recognize the approach of the attack when they start to have blind spots or abnormal stimulation of their senses (hearing sounds abnormally loud, perceiving light as dazzling and smells may be more intense). To get the best of results the patients should be advised to take the oral nutritional capsules for migraine as it increases the chance of prophylaxis against migrain.

Is Tension Balm a "cure" for migranes?

Migraine is a hereditary disease exactly the same as Diabetes, Hyperlipedemia and some cases of Hypertension, it can be controlled but not cured. It is also very important to control the migraine through enforcing the body natural defense to avoid the complication (e.g. stroke) that could happen as a result of the migraine itself or the use of different pharmacological medication. 

  • November 28, 2016
  • Ahmid K